Darrell has been my guide twice in the past two years. He is an extremely knowledgeable and patient naturalist. Each trip I had given him a difficult target bird that I simply had to see (Swainson's Warbler and Golden-cheeked Warbler). Each time he confidently knew the best place to spot my requested species. What's more, I had such a great time going after the birds and that's more important than actually finding them. Finding the Swainson's Warbler was like going on a jungle safari and I had a huge smile on my face as we tramped back and forth through the woods following the elusive bird's song as it constantly changed position. Finally, there it was just about seven feet in front of us, binoculars unnecessary. Not just one bird, but two adults feeding a begging fledgling. They paid absolutely no attention to us and we got a good, long, fantastic look at them. Add to that many other wonderful migrants and a gorgeous Luna Moth to make a wonderful day out! doors. The Golden-cheeked Warbler trip was equally rewarding- great extended looks at a beautiful adult(s) beating caterpillars on a limb and feeding them to its young with no apparent concern for our presence (we moved further away nonetheless). Of course, there were other fun finds, including a Painted Bunting singing at eye-level just a few feet in front of our faces. It was another wonderful, memorable day. Darrell is easy-going and thoughtfully tailors the day to your individual needs. I look forward to more trips with him in the future.

Denise Gary

Darrell Vollert is a superb guide. He brings knowledge and enthusiasm to every tour.

Darrell finds birds by habitat, behavior, and most of all by ear. If you want to find birds in the tall pines, you need Darrell and his marvelous ear.

Debra Corpora
Aransas Bird and Nature Club

Darrell's lectures and bird banding demonstrations are clear, organized and concise. His knowledge of birds and birding is outstanding. He is always accessible in terms of answering questions and dealing with class members as individuals as well as a group.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Darrell for Field Trips for biriding as his knowledge, patience and instruction are the best.

Lois Carpenter
College Station, Texas

Success in bird photography has little to do with technical skills of the camera, but more to do with knowledge of the subject and the ability to find them. As a birder of 40 years, and a bird photographer for over 12 years, I attribute any success that I have had to my knowledge of birds. But there are limits to my bird knowledge that keeps me from getting some of the images that I want. That is when I call Darrell Vollert.

When I want to find a specific species that is very hard to find, I can be assured that Darrell can find it for me. I have spent many hours in the field with Darrell, and I am amazed at how many species he can identify by ear. He has tremendous knowledge of the flora and fauna and he knows what birds can be found in any given habitat. His laid back personality is an asset when spending time in the field. I can be photographing a bird and forget that Darrell is sitting there behind me.

I first called Darrell when I needed to photograph the elusive Swainson's Warbler. Within an hour, I had a singing male right in front of my lens. With Darrell's help, I have added numerous new species to my growing list of birds photographed.

If your looking for any species of birds in Texas, I would highly recommend this very knowledgeable and personable bird guide.

Alan Murphy

I’ve met knowledgeable birders and, then, I met Darrell when I scheduled a photography outing to capture various species in breeding behaviors. With Darrell’s experience, it was just a matter of time before he had found every species I had requested and I was able to photograph all but one; it was too close. Now that’s a problem I like to have. Darrell provides his services with a wealth of knowledge and real world experience. More importantly, he is very personable which makes for an enjoyable day.

Wayne Nicholas